Our Story

The TrekCraft server started in 2021, a spin-off of another popular Trek building server. Our build team wanted to move into the future by creating a fully community owned and operated server where anyone would be welcome to bring their Sci-Fi ships to life.

Building History

Since Minecraft first went into Alpha our team of talented builders have been creating Sci-Fi ships at larger than life scale. Our members have contributed to Halkun's original Enterprise-D project, ammased thousands of views across PMC, Facebook, and Twitter. We've also been recognized by industry icons such as Ed Whitefire, and John Eaves for our work.

To The Future

As we go on past 10 years of buidling ships in Minecraft we look to the future with additions such as the TrekCraft mod (Featuring 1000+ custom blocks), Minecraft 1.16.5, and our growing community on Discord & Twitter

TrekCraft in the Media

Video courtesy of PippenFTS

TOS Enterprise Tour by iPanic